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Escrow FAQs

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When can I sign up for the Pre - & Postnatal Classes?

You can sign up anytime in the month.

Who is the Pre - & Postnatal Subscription for?

The Pre - & Postnatal subscription is for women who want to maintain their fitness in pregnancy and ease back into exercise postpartum, regardless where they are in the phase - as long as it is after 6 weeks!

I have just had a baby, when should I sign up for the classes?

When you feel ready is the best time, but I do recommend to have your 6 week check up before starting general exercise.

When are the classes uploaded?

The Pre - & Postnatal classes are uploaded every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7am on to a closed area on the website - "CLASSES".

I am already in my 2. trimester, can I sign up for a Bespoke Plan?

Yes absolutely.

I am pregnant & did not exercise before - can I still join the classes?

Yes absolutely. Just make sure you have had the all clear from your midwife to exercise in pregnancy. Be mindful of taking it slow to start with. 10-15minutes a day could be enough to start with for a few weeks.

What is included in the Pre - & Postnatal subscription?

3x30 minute classes every week and full access to previous classes while you are a subscriber. Plus, full access to the INFO + EXERCISE pack which is greatly useful in pregnancy and in the postnatal phase.

Can I cancel the subscription anytime?

Yes, you can cancel anytime.

How do the BESPOKE plans work?

Pregnancy - You pay one price for all 3 trimesters. You get one plan to start with, the next one will be created with the previous plan in mind, how you got on and adjusted to the next trimester. Postnatal - You pay one price for beginner + advanced plan. You start with the beginner plan then you will get the second plan in 8-12 weeks, adjusted from how you got on with the first one.

How are the classes set up?

Monday - Mobility + Full Body Wednesday - Core + Full Body Friday - Glute activation + Glute Focus The workouts are performed under time with a certain rest period, to emphasize quality over quantity.