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Intellectual Property (IP) Escrow

Intellectual Property (IP) Escrow

Intellectual Property is characterized by its innovative nature; its property rights contribute majorly to a company’s assets.


Why is protecting Intellectual Property so important?

Taking the dynamic progress of digitalization into account, for the most part, the protection of Intellectual Property arises from the DIN 77006. This standardization considers IP risk management as an important component of a working IP management.


The so-called IP asset management comprises development, maintenance and availability of Intellectual Property. Therefore, a specific legal, technological, and security-related knowledge is necessary.

IP escrow with Deposix

We have put all our experience with depositing various business-critical data into our IP escrow contracts. Beyond that, we would gladly give you advice on all aspects that might be relevant for protecting your rights, like for example:

  • Conventional copyrights

  • Patents and trademark rights

  • Design rights

  • Secret recipes, tinctures, mixing ratios

Our IP escrow protects the trade secrets of the rights holder. It also ensures an ongoing continuation of business-critical processes and resulting products and services to the rights user.

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